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Understanding your Sender ID options

By definition, the Sender ID is the mobile number or name that an SMS message is sent from.

Before selecting a Sender ID for your SMS, you should consider whether or not you require the recipient to reply to your SMS

NOTE: Sender ID options for sending and receiving SMS vary from country to country due to local legislation. Below is an outline of options available to Australian customers. 

Alphanumeric Sender IDs – No Replies

This is a business name, brand or word, that appears in place of a phone number as the Sender ID. It offers instant brand recognition but only allows one-way messages – recipients cannot reply to messages sent from a custom sender ID.

Alphanumeric Sender IDs may be up to 11 characters, but cannot include spaces or symbols.

We generally only recommend considering a Custom Sender ID for things like reminders and alerts where you do not need to worry about receiving opt outs or replies.

  • Branded experience for users
  • Users cannot reply to the message
    If your message is commercial or marketing in nature, you provide a valid opt out method in the body of your message as recipients cannot simply reply to opt out.

NOTE: In accordance with local legislation, all Alphanumeric Sender IDs are submitted to Edgility for review before they are allocated to your account for sending. Your Sender ID request can take up to 24 hours for approval.

Virtual Numbers – Replies and Text In enabled.

These are mobile numbers just like your own, used purely for sending SMS and receiving SMS/MMS. This approach is perfect for businesses wanting an ‘identity’ by way of a unique mobile number and is highly recommended for customers with larger databases, as well as those looking to send messages to their contacts regularly.

NOTE: Virtual Numbers cannot be used for forwarding phone calls (currently). If you call a virtual number it will give a disconnected message. Call Forwarding numbers coming soon.

  • Virtual numbers are for your exclusive use and are not shared with any other customers.
  • The recipient receives your message from the same number each and every time
  • Forward inbound messages to additional Email Addresses
  • Forwards inbound messages to URLs
  • Forward inbound SMS/MMS to another mobile number
  • Set up Auto responses
  • Set up Keywords to trigger specific messages
  • Customers can ‘Text In’ to initiate the communication.
  • You can invite recipients to save your Virtual Number in their address book
  • Virtual Numbers come at an additional cost – $20-$40 per month.

To purchase a Virtual Number, login to your account and select VIRTUAL NUMBERS, then click ORDER NUMBER.


Shared Local Number – Replies Only

In some regions, we are able to provide a FREE option for receiving replies to messages sent from your account. To do so we allow users to send from a pool of virtual numbers that change dynamically. Each time you send a message using the Shared Local Number option, the system will randomly select one of these numbers to send from. This approach is perfect for low volume users (less than 500 messages per month) or perfect for one-off larger sends.

NOTE: Currently only available in Australia.

  • Use of our Shared Local Number is free.
  • Receive replies or opt-outs back to your account for basic processing.
  • The number pool is shared with many of our small clients, and there is a small possibility that your recipient may receive a message from one of our other clients on the same number.
  • You will not get the same number each time you send, so if you are sending messages on a regular basis, your recipients will end up receiving messages from different Sender ID’s each time.
  • Shared Numbers do not have enhanced reply management options, such as Keywords & Auto Responders.
    Contacts cannot Text In – only reply to a message you send


Own Number – Replies Only

In some regions, you can send SMS using your verified mobile number as the Sender ID. Any replies to messages sent this way will be directed to your mobile phone – Edgility cannot intercept replies to your verified mobile number.

Numbers must be verified using 2FA process before they can be added as a sender ID option.

NOTE: Currently only available in Australia.

  • Get replies to your message.
  • Recipients receive your message from the same number each time you send
  • Replies are not received to your account
  • Opt outs must be managed manually by you.
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