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How to enable Messageport for workflows in ActiveCampaign

1. Enable Messageport in ActiveCampaign Automations

You can enable Messageport directly from within ActiveCampaign Automations

Here’s how you set it up.

        1. In Messageport navigate to SETTINGS > API KEYS – you’ll need these to copy and paste into Active Campaign so keep this tab open.
        2. Login to ActiveCampaign in a new tab
        3. Go to Automations > click Create an Automation
        4. In the Actions Search area, type Messageport
        5. Click and drag the Messageport action to the workflow
        6. Enter your API Keys in the configuration and click Connect

Note: This integration allows you the set up SMS for your entire ActiveCampaign account. It is not user-specific – once set up all users will have access to the SMS feature.

2. Add SMS to your workflow

The Messageport integration allows you to add outbound SMS as an action in your ActiveCampaign communication flows.

Once the integration is installed and configured, it will appear in your Actions list in Automations. Simply click and drag to add SMS to the flow.

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