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Last updated 581 days ago

Enabling Email to SMS

Send SMS through your email client such as outlook and mail in addition to the Edgility Platform. In order to use Email to SMS, you will need to ensure it is enabled in your Edgility account.


To Enable Email to SMS, go to;

1. Settings > Email to SMS

2. Ensure that the Email to SMS Settings toggle is Enabled.

3. Include Text in Subject Line is optional. By default this is disabled however if you enable this setting, text in the subject line of your email will be included in your SMS.

4. Maximum Message Parts by default are set to 1. You can increase  Maximum Message Parts by clicking on the dropdown and making a selection.

Tip: Maximum Message Parts allow you to limit the length of an SMS sent via Email to SMS. As a default your max character count is 160 including space (160 Characters = 1 SMS = 1 message part). If you exceed the 160 character count the system will cut off your SMS. 

5. Click Save.


You also have the ability to register one or more individual email addresses to use the email to SMS function from your account. To setup or learn more about Registered Email Addresses click here.

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