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Last updated 487 days ago

Sending SMS to a mobile number

Edgility allows numbers to be entered individually or you can copy + paste a list of numbers.

1. Navigate to Send SMS.

2. Enter a Campaign Name (optional).

Tip: Using the Campaign Name option is great when sending frequently. You will be able to quickly and easily identify your campaign when viewing your reports.

3. Build your recipient list by manually typing in or pasting numbers in the box.

Tip: It is best practice to enter recipient numbers in their international format which includes the country code. i.e Australian numbers: 61400000000.

Edgility will attempt to process numbers in various formats based on your region. If sending SMS outside of your registered region, entering recipient numbers in their international format is essential to ensure delivery.

If you would like to manually enter multiple numbers, you can separate with a comma(,), colon(:), semicolon(;) or simply enter to next line before entering each new number

When you click away from the Enter or Paste Numbers box, your recipient’s mobile numbers will be listed below it.

4. Set the Sender ID by using the From dropdown

To allow recipients to reply select from Shared Local Number, Verified Number, or Virtual Number options.

To send a 1-way message that does not allow recipients to reply, select from approved Alphanumeric Sender IDs.

NOTE: If you choose an Alphanumeric Sender ID to send marketing/promotion messages, recipients cannot reply to automatically Opt-Out, therefore you must use a different Opt-Out method.

5. Type your message content in the Message text area.

Tip: One standard SMS is up to 160 characters. Use the Templates drop-down to choose a template you prepared earlier or compose your own SMS Message. 

6. Select from Campaign Delivery features (optional)

Here you can schedule your message for delivery at a later date/time or recurrence. For large campaigns, you can also elect to stagger the delivery of messages in even batches, over a set amount of hours.

7. Then click Save DraftSend Test or Send now.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the page to either save this campaign as a draft for later, send yourself a test message to ensure the SMS is perfect or Send the message now.

8. The Campaign Confirmation screen will appear with a summary of your campaign. Simply agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Submit Campaign.

Before submitting any message, ensure you are adhering to the privacy rules of Consent, Identification and Opt-Out.

Your message has now been sent and will arrive at the handset shortly.

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